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The End of Oil at EXIT Underground

The End of Oil via

To a greater and greater extent, it seems, the world we inherit has been organized around the patterns of consumption and production of oil. As we attempt to creep slowly towards newer forms of energy, we not only create new pressures - as with the lithium mines in Bolivia - we also leave behind an entire architecture of petroleum extraction and processing stretched across continents.

The End of Oil via

This Saturday, EXIT Underground, opens The End of Oil, a mixed media project by SEA (Social Environmental Aesthetics) documenting the effects of the international oil industry around the globe. The show is curated by Herb Tam and Lauren Rosati.and features work by Khalil Chishtee; Louisa Conrad; Robert Ladislas Derr; Dominic Gagnon; Ed Kashi; Matt Kenyon; Michael Mandiberg; Andrei Molodkin; and Jo Syz