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Balkanization / Specialization / Interdisciplinarity at Chez Bushwick

Disciplinary Chart by Andrea Liu

Everyone has had the experience of discussing an artist or an event or something with someone who you hold in very high regard, only to learn that they have never, ever heard of said person, place or thing. Frequently this is because one has just recently crossed a disciplinary border, leaving behind the very community via whom one learned about said massively important figure, festival, work, or what have you. In these moments New York appears as the faintest constellation of micro-constituencies and hermetic networks with names like art, theater, music, and dance, each complete with their own temples and their own gods. This Saturday, self-described 'theory monster' Andrea Liu has organized an Anti-Panel to address the increasing disciplinary Balkanization now in effect, as well as the hollowness of 'interdisciplinary' efforts to combat it. The panelists include Chase Granoff, Matthew Lyons, Peter Dobill, Moriah Evans and Shaun Boyle as well as our very own Bosko Blagojevic, who, full disclosure, is an editor here and a good friend. Those attending are encouraged to read this, and be prepared to respond. Admission is ten dollars, but that includes the right to bring a friend.