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True Mirror Microfiche at the Kitchen

True Mirror, True Mirror Microfiche
7pm Tuesday 25 November 2008
The Kitchen - 512 W 19th Street New York, NY

Tonight at the Kitchen, Dexter Sinister presents True Mirror Microfiche, a continuation of the collective's project developed for this year's Whitney Biennial. Tonight's performance aims to funnel, or "channel," a variety of cross-disciplinary cultural production practice (and their precipitate) through the form of a projected microfiche lecture, what the project's authors describe as a "cubist variety show." Original contributions by collaborators will include those of Domenick Ammirati, Cory Arcangel, Mark Beasley, Walead Beshty, Sarah Crowner, Jason Fulford, Rob Giampietro, Larissa Harris, Michael Portnoy, Steve Rushton, Jan Verwoert and Alex Waterman. The event is free, and will also occasion the distribution of Dot Dot Dot #16, available tonight for $15.