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Triple Canopy Launch at Starr Space tonight

Triple Canopy logo

Triple Canopy Launch at Starr Space
8pm Friday 14 November 2008
Starr Space - 108-110 Starr Street, Brooklyn
$7 donation

Tonight at Starr Space in Brooklyn, Triple Canopy celebrates the release of their fourth issue, War Money Magic, which will be released in parts over the next few weeks on the journal's website. For the release, Canopy presents a sound and action performance by collective New Humans, comprised of Howie Chen and Mika Tajima. Also performing tonight is Brooklyn-based grunge metal duo Orpha, who just released Aborted by Birth on critic and curator Bob Nickas' promising new label, From the Nursery (the white vinyl edition of which is limited to 666 numbered copies). Bob Nickas will also DJ tonight, along with Sonic Youth's Mark Ikbold. On occasion of the release, Starr Space and Triple Canopy with also present a new exhibition on view tonight with work by Colby Bird, Jonah Groeneboer, Andres Laracuente, Matthew Lusk, Rachel Owens, John Powers, and Lucy Raven.