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Re:Public IV - Presidential Politics & the Street Art of New York

If you live in New York, love street art and support Barack Obama, this year's U.S. Presidential campaign was bliss. The fact that street artists tend to lean Democratic doesn't really surprise anyone, but the Obama campaign's endorsement of street art probably does. This isn't the first time a politician has been the muse or patron of the art of the streets; Shepard Fairey did a Ralph Nader poster in 2000 and Howard Dean tried to incorporate graffiti in his 2004 Presidential run, but this may be the first time a Presidential contender has incorporated the urban art form as an integral asset to his or her campaign.

I've gathered some of the best images from this Presidential season which is featured in a slideshow below.

Next week expect an essay about how Election 2008 has impacted and may have changed street art forever.

Special thanks to Jake Dobkin, Billi Kid, Thundercut and others for special permission to use their images for this photo essay.