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In Process at Meet Waradise tongiht

In Process at Meet Waradise
Image reproduced with press release.

In Process
Julia Weist and Andres Laracuente
6-9pm Friday 21 November 2008
Meet Waradise - 17 Orchard St, New York NY

Tonight Meet Waradise presents In Process, a collaborative and temporary exhibition by Julia Weist and Andres Laracuente. Meet Waradise, directed by Alice Wells, is self-described as "a temporary venue for things to happen," and tonight presents its third public event. For the exhibition, the two artists will individually present project-based sculpture that is fundamentally incomplete in some way: an African Grey Parrot unable to do exactly that for which it was trained, and a meticulous reconstruction of several private collections belonging to currently operative state archivists, a "personal history."