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Swoon, Ann Messner and Kiki Smith at Deitch

Conversation with Ann Messner, Kiki Smith, and Swoon
7-9pm Thursday, October 9th, 2008
Deitch Studios 4-40 44th Dr., L.I.C., Queens

A Swimming City

This Thursday at Deitch Studios will be a conversation between Ann Messner, Kiki Smith and Swoon. Moderating will be Carlo McCormick. Street artist Swoon, known for her remarkable work in wheatpaste and cardboard cutouts, currently has an installation at the Studios. The installation includes the seven floating sculptures that served as the basis for Swoon's latest project, a collaboration with playwright Lisa D'Amour and Minneapolis band Dark Dark Dark among others. Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea was a meandering flotilla, a performance series, and shooting location for Todd Chandler's film Flood, sections of which will be shown prior to the talk.