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P. Adams Sitney at Light Industry

Ernie Gehr, still image from "Shift", 1972-74, 16mm film in b&w, 8:00. Via Light Industry.
Ernie Gehr, b&w still image from Shift, 1972-74, 16mm film in color, 7:38. Via Light Industry.

An Illustrated Lecture by P. Adams Sitney
8pm Tuesday 27 May 2008
Light Industry - 55 33rd Street 3rd Fl, Brooklyn NY

P. Adams Sitney, one of this continent's most important living historians and critics of avant-garde cinema, will present an illustrated lecture this coming Tuesday in Sunset Park at Light Industry. The lecture, Eyes Upside Down, a borrowed title from Sitney's upcoming book, promises a formalist reading of three short film works, each produced about a decade or so before the next, by three decidedly American experimental filmmakers: Marie Menken, Ernie Gehr, and Stan Brakhage. Sitney will relate the three short films in the program to a type of dispersed "American aesthetic" grounded in the 19th century writings of transcendentalist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson, and manifesting in the work of many cultural producers since.