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9:30am - 5:30pm Friday 30 May 2008
CUNY Graduate Center - 365 5th Avenue New York, NY
Rooms 9206/9207
$30/$20 full day registration

This friday the CUNY Graduate Center hosts a single day conference entitled AIDS/ART/WORK, exploring "the pasts, presents, and futures of AIDS art, AIDS activism, and AIDS prevention, and the connections between them." The day's events will be made up of 3 panels and a final roundtable discussion. An 'AIDS Art' Movement? will examine the potential emergence of an AIDS aesthetic, or an ongoing and developing response in both aesthetic and activist realms to the AIDS crisis, how this response has changed over time, and its relationship to avant-garde, conceptual, and representational modes of art production; Art and Activism in the Age of AIDS promises a look back at the legacy of AIDS activism and art making and its trajectory from grassroots organizing to ongoing institutionalization; Collaboration -- Problems and Possibilities promises to analyze the efficacy and history of collaborative efforts in community organizing, prevention, and education campaigns for AIDS related activist work.