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Yet Another 24 Hour Cold War Slumber Party

After the Ends and Before the Beginning: Yet Another 24 Hour Cold War Slumber Party (1959–1989)
6pm Saturday 15 March 15 – 6pm Sunday 16 March 2008
Whitney Museum of American Art - 945 Madison Ave New York, NY
$museum admission (15)

Tomorrow afternoon at the Whitney artist Walead Beshty presents After the Ends and Before the Beginnings, a work consisting of a 24 hour film program Behsty has organized to start on Saturay and rung through sunday. The piece is a continuation to Beshty's earlier work 24 Hour Armageddon, presented in LA in 2006 which also featured a day's long screening of a group of apocalyptic films showcasing different approached to the representation of the theme across several generations of filmmakers. This time around Beshty will present two simultaneous film programs occuring in adjacant rooms. One program will fixate on "the end" or, apocalypse, while the other on "the beginning" or young revolutionaries.