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mis United
Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen
9pm Saturday 29 March 2008
Renwick Gallery - 45 Renwick Street New York, NY

Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen present a musical performance at the Renwick Gallery tonight at 9pm "with a variation of genres electronica, punk, rock and hiphop with her own lyrics and like the ever changing Mis United her costumes changes for each new music piece." Renwick Gallery just took down an exhibition of documentary material accompanying Rasmussen's previous performance project there, A Void; a set of creative reenactments of historical performance art peices originating in date form 1958 onwards. James Wagner has written on Rasmussen's previous work here.

Tomorrow marks the launch of Disarmory, a three-day art exhibition and series of events organized by A Gallery. Working in the legacy of the original 1913 Armory fair that brought a dense exhibition of work by prominent and emerging continental avant-gardists to New York audiences for the first time, Disarmory will present the work of ten contemporary artists "disarmed". While the original Armory fair distressed audiences with vanguard art objects indifferent to the popular taste and aesthetic sensibilities of turn-of-the-century American, the current Armory affirms at once its own strength and any such vanguardism by offering the transforming potential of commodification to even the most difficult of work. Disarmory is "a reminder that however myth might occlude history, the will to transform cultural perspective is irreducible and subject to displacement only insofar as we betray the importance of purpose to the importance of its legacy."

Please see Disarmory's website for more information, locations, and times.