Highlights from SCOPE

While SCOPE was not as strong a fair as PULSE, I did see several standout works while visiting the fair.

Ernesto Burgos (at Cynthia Broan) Cross Eyed, 2007, Mixed Media on Paper, 22 x 30 inches. Courtesy Cynthia Broan Gallery.

This artist is getting his MFA at NYU, and had a solo exhibition at the gallery several months ago. Sadly, due to the Chelsea real estate market, Cynthia Broan's lease on her LOT-EK designed space is being bought out so that the building can be knocked down for new condos. She plans to reopen in New Orleans.

Marcel Gähler, installation view. Photo by Barry Hoggard

My favorite Zürich Gallery, Galerie Römerapotheke, showed excerpts of conceptual projects by Jana Gunstheimer, including excerpts from her project "Status L. Phenomenon" at the Art Institute of Chicago in which the L stands for loss and is a set of works documenting an inexplicable (and fictional) loss of status for rich people in the city of Chicago. Those readers lucky enough to live in Berlin can see her work in an exhibition opening later this week at Filiale. Their booth also featured beautiful black white and gray paintings and works on paper by Marcel Gähler.

Paco Pomet. Two graphite on canvas works. Photograph by Barry Hoggard

Paco Pomet. One oil on canvas painting and one graphite on canvas work. Photograph by Barry Hoggard

Galería My Name is Lolita Art from Madrid showed gouache and ink works by Teresa Moro of furniture from previous art fairs such as ARCO, and I discovered a new artist who really pleased me, Paco Pomet. His paintings are oil on canvas, and his "drawings" are graphite on canvas.