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Triple Canopy Turns One


A form in decline, the print magazine remains a pernicious breed. Contemporary fame is largely its doing; the fawning, uncritical portraiture, the endless parade of high gloss mediocrity. More topical than books, better looking and more permanent than newspapers, magazines exist in a certain dastardly harmony with capitalism. They are appropriate to it, somehow, as even those trade publications that avoid the worst excess' wield a disproportionate power. Over the next decade it will be our privilege to watch this form attempt a translation to the interwebs - a move some have already begun with varying degrees of success. What has eluded these attempts has been a proper online version of the old fashioned article, complete with an effective integration of text and image.

Not so with Triple Canopy, an online publication that, in addition to avoiding the worst features of its predecessors sketched above, has also created a genuinely pleasant and elegant interface. Using JavaScript, TC has been able to keep the good parts of print while avoiding the clumsiness of pdf-style navigation, and, after one full year of excellent content published in this manner, its having a well earned celebration. This Saturday at Gowanus Studio Space Triple Canopy celebrates its first anniversary, featuring a film program curated by Light Industry; visuals by Michael Bell-Smith; video games by Mark Essen; musical performances by The Tourettes and Tanlines; and DJ sets by Josh Kline, Ceci Moss, and others.