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Recession Roundup

E-flux announces the last Night School session at the New Museum, this one with Berlin-based writer Jan Verwoert. In the Times, Holland Carter argues for the continued importance of university museums; ARTnews adds to a growing pile of articles arguing that the recession will help the arts; after some consternation, art and friends are back in the stimulus bill; Tyler Green is not impressed, and makes an excellent case for rethinking the emphasis placed on the NEA; elsewhere Vice released a profile of a new and completely disturbing musical subculture while New York Theater Workshop considers staging a new and controversial play (about which the Times has already made up its mind, apparently); while the ballet cuts dancers; back in the art world The New Yorker and n+1 weigh in on Shep Fairey, and art fair season looms. Finally, Ed Halter pens an interesting piece on cultural documentarian Jeff Krulik in the latest triple canopy.