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Lanz and Resnick at The AC [Institute] , Rhizome Commissions

Critical Conversations in a Limo, 2006 via

Benjamin Lanz and Kyle B. Resnick at The AC [Institute]
Thursday, February 12th from 6-8pm
547 W. 27th St, #519

Holly Crawford, director of the AC Institute, has a history of exploring the ways space informs artistic conversation. For the Melbourne International Arts Festival in 2007, she developed the Sound Art Limo and Critical Conversations in a Limo, both pieces existing pretty much as named. Each vehicle would pick up passengers for an hour long 'critical conversation' or a half-hour sound art sampling featuring local artists. The work was simultaneously an investigation of the symbolic place held by the limo in the art fair lexicon, as well as an actual investment in the specific, odd sort of conversation fostered by the proximity of limo riders to each other. One could probably also read the work as a sly questioning of the conditions of possibility for a truly critical discourse under certain conditions.

This Thursday the AC [Institute] will inaugurate its performance series with musicians Benjamin Lanz and Kyle B. Resnick performing live and in dialogue with John Neeson's ongoing installation Northern Light. The AC stands for Art Currents, and this performance promises to continue in a similar vein to Crawford's earlier projects. Multi-instrumentalists Lanz and Resnick with create a soundscape that responds to the shape of the space while exploring, "volume, timbre and spatial relation."

In other news, Rhizome is currently accepting applications for their commissions program. Sponsored commissions from last year included work from Evan Roth, Angelo Plessas, Maria del Carmen Montoya and Kevin Patton, Joe McKay, Kristin Lucas, Andy Graydon, Brody Condon, Claire Evans, Jona Bechtolt, Aaron "Flint" Jamison as well as Naeem Mohaiemen's excellent Young Man Was No Longer A... recently seen at the New Museum.