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Buck-Morss at SVA

Susan Buck-Morss: Visual Empire
Thursday, January 29, 2009 - 7pm
SVA - Visual Arts Theater - 333 West 23 Street - Free

The relationship between visual culture, image, and larger patterns of social domination has been at issue for western thinkers for almost half a century. Perhaps an outgrowth of the Situationist leveling of the genre-distinction between commodity and image, perhaps merely a response to an obvious uptick in the televisual organization of the consumer and leisure classes, various scholars have posited connections between power and the visual that range from the merely coincidental to the out-and-out deterministic.

Tonight at SVA Susan Buck-Morss will "will discuss how ideas of empire and sovereignty are reflected in visual imagery." Buck-Morss is one of the world's leading scholars on The Frankfurt School and a professor at Cornell University. Her latest book Hegel, Haiti, and Universal History is a reexamining of Hegel's master-slave dialectic by placing it within the context of the Haitian revolution. The lecture is free.