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Uri Aran at Rivington Arms

uri aran.jpg

Uri Aran - Geraniums
Rivington Arms - 4 East 2nd, 1st floor.
December 11th, 2008 - January 25th, 2009
Opening reception December 11th, 7-9 pm

The image on the right is the full extent of Uri Aran's website. When asked about this decidedly simple exercise in ambiguity, the artist had this to say: "I liked the idea of having one image as a web site. It's a combination of clumsiness and lightness. I feel that it's nice to plant a small still dot in a dynamic mazed web. At one point I thought about changing the image, but since I cant remember how, I will stay with this for now." Aran, whose show, Geraniums, opens tonight at Rivington Arms, seems to delight in distending the singular image. In this video, Pole Vault, produced for the Project Space, Aran counterposes a similar series of photographic and textual images with a comically overwrought soundtrack, summoning at once a lingering sinsterism before dismissing the same as so much para-conceptual paranoia. It's tricky to create this kind of clutter out of such basic elements, wherein each element is clearly distinguishable while actively complicating the others. Geraniums, for its part, promises more of the same eclecticism, featuring, "Starlet coconuts, phantom birthdays, Baryshnikov, trinities, circles and a Dolphin." The opening starts at 7.