This is an archive of the ArtCat Zine, 2007-2009. Please visit our new project, IDIOM.

The Campaign for Rhizome and Art Fag City

Rhizome, a pioneering organization dedicated to developing and supporting new media and electronic art, is soliciting funds for an end-of-year campaign to raise money "completely vital to our success amidst a particularly difficult year in the arts." The organization exists embedded within the New Museum and maintains a regular and popular new media art blog, regularly produces compelling events and exhibitions, maintaint the ArtBase database of online art, runs an attractive curatorial fellows program and much more. Rhizome needs to raise only another $4,000 before the end of the year to reach their campaign goal of $30,000, making it very affordable to help this important organization in a major way.

Art Fag City, another important voice of new media and electronic arts criticism on the web, is also running an end-of-year critical fundraiser – seeking to raise $6,000 before 1 January 2009 for the upkeep and maintenance of the one-woman blog for the next year to come. Art Fag City is a notable example of commercially unaffiliated and non-academic arts criticism in New York, surely a service to the entire city. In addition, AFC has partnered with Momenta Art in order to make all contributions possible write-offs.