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Papercut at Heist, Holiday Announcements

Joshua Rickards, "Sterling Morrison". Via gallery website.
Joshua Rickards, Sterling Morrison, currently on view at HEIST Gallery.

Julie Fishkin, curator and co-founder of Metro Color Collision, has curated Papercut, an exhibition of drawings at HEIST Gallery, proprietor Talia Eisenberg's newish Essex Street outpost. Papercut manifests that perennial contemporary interest in drawing, a medium providing an economy both of means (production) and ends (sales). The show features a panoply of works thematically and technically diverse in style and aggressively priced to sell for the coming holidays -- the low-end work starting at $75. The gallery will be closing for the holidays on Tuesday, 23 December.

A story reported here yesterday, and widely across New York media -- the occupation of the New School Graduate Faculty Building by students -- seems to have been largely resolved with what students describe as a "major victory
over university administration."

ArtCal Zine will be suspending posting for the New Year at some point early in the next week. We'll resume in early January.