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New York: Past, Present, and Possible Future at the New Museum

New York: Past, Present, and Possible Future
3pm Saturday 20 September 2008
New Museum - 235 Bowery New York NY

This Saturday afternoon at the New Museum, writer and editor Brian Sholis moderates a panel of temporal pluralities on New York - as both an imagined and surveyed site. Writer Matthew Sharpe will read from his 2007 novel Jamestown, featuring a post-apocalyptic New York in which Brooklyn and Manhattan are constantly at war with each other. Joining him on stage will be artist Matthew Coolidge, founder of the Center for Land Use Interpretation, who will discuss Up River: Points of Interest on the Hudson from the Battery to Troy - an installation on view this past spring at the PARC Foundation Gallery in New York. The installation features a large-scale topographic map of points of historical interest and more recent developments are represented with aerial photographs and text. Landscape ecologist and conservation planner and Eric Sanderson will also be speaking this Saturday on his Mannahatta Project, an effort to reconstruct the ecology of early 17th Century Manhattan when the island was first visited by explorer Henry Hudson.