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Mary Filippo at The Anthology Film Archives

Mary Filippo, still image from "The Trickle Down Theory of Sorrow," 2002, video, 15:00.
Mary Filippo, still image from The Trickle Down Theory of Sorrow, 2002, video, 15:00.

Who Do You Think You Are and What Do You Think These Little Films Can Do
Films By Mary Filippo
7:30pm Saturday 27 September 2008
Anthology Film Archives - 32 2nd Avenue, New York NY

This Saturday at The Anthology Film Archives, filmmaker Mary Filippo presents an evening of short works that span some 20 years of creative output. Oftentimes personal, self-reflective and richly discursive, Filippo's work explores the formal periphery of documentary strategies while remaining firmly located on the self in relation to a troubled landscape of social and economic inequity. In The Trickle Down Theory of Sorrow for example, the filmmaker imagines herself in her mother's silhouette, reflecting on her own working class upbringing and later coming into middle class life and motherhood -- a transition mediated by a set of developing relationships to labor, consumption, gender and globalization. Also showing as part of Saturday's program will be an excerpt from the upcoming work How I Can Enjoy Mine When You Don't Have Any, a video on how contemporary undergraduate-level economics is taught in the United States. Visualizing abstract economic concepts through the use of classroom footage, interviews, news clippings and simple DIY animations, the filmmaker creates an unpretentious critique of some very rightist tendencies from a ground level view of financial and economics training -- frequently the formal and formative entry points of an entire managerial class. The filmmaker will be in person to introduce her work and lead a discussion with the audience following the screening.