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Artists and the Election at Art in General

Shelly Silver, "small lies, Big Truth", 1999, still image from digital video.
Shelley Silver, "small lies, Big Truth", 1999, still image from digital video. Via the artist's website.

Conversations on the Contemporary: Artists and the Election
6:30 - 8:30 Wednesday 1 October 2008
Art in General - 79 Walker St, New York NY

This Wednesday at Art in General, artist Mary Billyou moderates a discussion on the significance of the upcoming presidential election between filmmakers Emily Kunstler, Dara Greenwald, Brian Spinks, and Shelly Silver. Preceding the discussion a screening program will be presented. Works to be shown include "small lies, Big Truth," by Shelly Silver, a video on the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal in which off-screen voices narrate a fragmented story of attraction, physical intimacy and power. Dara Greenwald will screen "What is Capitalism," a talk-show style video in which a variety of people attempt to answer the titular question; "United Victorian Workers" a video document of a 2005 intervention "into public memory and Christmas shopping" made by an ad-hoc collective of artists, activists and academics in Troy, NY; and "Strategic Cyber Defense," a short instructional video depicting a DARPA-conceived simulated military scenario. Emily Kunstler will show "Disturbing the Universe: Radical Lawyer William Kunstler," a documentary work in progress on the polarizing jurist and civil rights activist. Brian Spinks will also screen works to be announced.