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Art Parade Cancelled, Ayah Bdeir at Eyebeam

Thanks weather!

Art Parade - Canceled

Fashion Week with Ayah Bdeir
Saturday, September 6, 2008 4pm Free
Eyebeam - 540 W. 21st St.

Deitch Projects' Art Parade has been canceled due to a severe storm warning. Instead, head down to Eyebeam for a fashion-week inspired performance by Ayah Bdeir. Bdeir will hold a runway show of her and Luma Shihab-Eldin's Syrian-style technologically hacked lingerie on the street in front of Eyebeam, where she is currently a fellow. Having grown up between Lebanon, Canada, and the US, Bdier recruits technology to investigate (and indict) kitsch orientalism, and popular representations of the middle east. Her work has included "interactive installations, electronic fashion, gadgets, [and] reactive furniture." The performance on offer tomorrow appears to detour the post-feminist profiteering that is the sexy-undies industry in a sly critique of the high-minded, if sometimes oblique, patronizing of Islamic women by their more liberated western counterparts.