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Rhizome Comissions talk tonight

Rhizome Commissions Conversations
7:30pm Friday 8 August 2008
New Museum - 235 Bowery New York, NY

At the New Museum tonight, Rhizome presents the second in a three part conversation series of artists awarded Rhizome commissions grants for developing new work. The Rhizome commissions program has been in existence sine 2001, and has awarded annual funds for emerging and established artists working with technology in a variety of media and fields. Featured tonight are artist and founder of slowLab Carolyn Strauss, who along with Julian Bleecker have been commissioned to develop slowMail, a project exploring the mediation of time on electronic messaging. Also speaking tonight will be Melanie Crean, who last year was commissioned to develop Phrenology, an online visualization project on the perception of space as related through the writings of incarcerated women. Artists David Nolen, Dan Pfiffer and Mushon Zer-Aviv will also participate on the panel, which will be moderated by editor Ceci Moss.