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Exit Poll Cocktail Toll at White Box

Image distributed with event invitation.
Image distributed with event invitation.

Exit Poll Cocktail Toll - Six Feet Under
Dean Baldwin
6 - 10pm Thursday 7 August 2008
White Box - 525 W. 26 St New York, NY

This Thursday at White Box, the fifth installment of Six Feet Under - the gallery's seven part summer exhibition series - commences with Exit Poll Cocktail Toll, Canadian artist Dean Baldwin's "free and participatory art, cocktail, and polling event." Curated by Chen Tamir, Baldwin's event this Thursday will transform White Box's Chelsea space into full functional bar from 6-10pm and invite visitors to imbibe free red, white and blue cocktails. Participants will then be free to respond to various polls materially represented in the gallery by stacking their empty or near-empty glasses at designated spots to cast their votes, turning the otherwise necessarily clinical processes of democratic participation into both an irreverent and celebratory affair.