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CREEK to CANAL: Corrosion Catalyst, a walking tour

Image distributed with tour invitation.
Image distributed with tour invitation. Via NURTUREart

CREEK to CANAL: Corrosion Catalyst
NURTUREart - 910 Grand St Brooklyn, NY
12pm Saturday and Sunday 2-3 August 2008

This weekend and each following through 18 August, artist scrapworm will be providing Creek to Canal, a 30 minute walking tour of the English Kills Canals in Bushwick. The tour take place Saturdays and Sundays at noontime as part of the exhibition Demo Eco M.O.
(Demonstrations of Ecological Modes of Operation), curated Linda Weintraub at NURTUREart. Tours start at NURTUREart's space on Grand Street in East Williamsburg. From the press release:

Exploring the constructed water systems of storm drains, pipes, and the walled in creek that became the English Kills Canals in the late 1800's, the dialogue of the tour will inquire into the impact of such rigidities and impermeabilities in the metropolitan ecosystem. Discussing the vicious cycle of combined sewer overflow surges (and their pollutant contents) flowing back into the stagnancy found at the end of the English Kills, the tour experience will unfold in the landscape. It will also occur in the presence of subtle collaborators, and, primarily, in the presence of the open mind to participate that you, the most important component, bring to the 30 minute interactive walk.