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The Center for Land Use Interpretation at Sara Meltzer

Screening - Short Films recommended by The Center for Land Use Interpretation
July 17, 2008, 8:30pm
Sarah Meltzer Gallery - 525-531 West 26th


This Thursday, The Center for Land Use Interpretation, "a research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues," has recommended a series of short films to be screened at Sara Meltzer as part of their ongoing Landscapes for Frankenstein exhibition. The films "observe the effects of man and technology on the natural landscape." One might think that one would be hard pressed to find a film, that, simply by virtue of its sheer existence, does not, in some way represent said effects - but it remains a refreshingly open-ended invitation. Even more intriguing, in some ways, is the 'interpretation,' at work in the center's title. At first glance it seems to be asserting some textual quality of land, that land is that which is interpreted via its many uses. But that would make the 'use' redundant, so instead it seems devoted to understanding the reception of land-use, how already or soon-to-be existing structures in that realm are themselves interpreted, or, further is itself engaged in such a large scale interpretation of said structures. Should be interesting, in any case.