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Brooklyn Friday: Playscape and L I V E sound & image

Playscape - installation by Dana Strasser and Isabella Bruno
7-10pm, July 18th, 2008
Over the Opening - North 6th between Kent and Wythe, Brooklyn

L I V E sound & image
Friday, July 18 - East Coast Aliens Salon
216 Franklin Street GREENPOINT, BROOKLYN - $10


Over the Opening, MTAA's second-Friday-of-the-month-time-based-installation-party is tonight. Converting their North 6th studio into a presentation space, the collective plays host to Playscape an installation by Dana Strasser and Isabella Bruno. Promising "a playspace for the adult set using specifically selected, everyday objects in transformative ways," as well as balloons, Playscape will be the last OTO until fall.

After that you can head north to Greenpoint for a trio of duos at L I V E sound & image - DRAW, LoVid and Cinemage all take experimental approaches to historical practices of melding images with sound. Thrown in is a screening of Fred Worden's Everyday Bad Dream and a live set by Amsterdam based turntablist dj sniff and saxophonist Keir Neuringer. At the East Coast Aliens Salon. Ten Dollars.