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Screening: Half of the People Are Stoned and the Other Half Are Waiting for the Next Election

Half of the People Are Stoned and the Other Half Are Waiting for the Next Election
Tuesday, July 1, 2008 at 8pm
Presented by Light Industry at Industry City 55 33rd Street 3rd Floor, Brooklyn

Half Stoned.jpg
Of all the ways the Left likes to get stoned, and they are legion, nothing confounds like a hit of historical determinism. The faith that the extended and nauseating pitch and yaw of politics will somehow resolve itself into blissful harmony has been on and off the menu for almost two hundred years. The Right, meanwhile, has turned is own version of a frightening similar eschaton into a bestselling book series, among other plastics. Hell, The German Ideology may be better written, but it certainly doesn’t sell as well. So was the 2004 election inevitable? Was the triumph of a particularly ham-fisted ideology necessary for further exposing the bankruptcies of ye old System? It is an easy pipe to smoke. Tuesday Nick Hallet curates a spate of video, performance docs, and novel media celebrating those amongst us less inclined towards doing dialectical drugs while playing electoral hooky. Artists include Jen Liu, Taylor Mac, Laura Parnes, Seth Price, Aaron Valdez, Carbon Defense League, Saul Levine, Aldo Tambellini, The Yes Men, Pink Bloque, Institute for Applied Autonomy, James Tigger! Ferguson, and Wynne Greenwood, amongst others. 80 minutes for six bucks. Tickets at the door.