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Fools! at Light Industry

8pm 1 April 2008
Light Industry - 55 33rd Street 3rd Fl., Brooklyn NY

Tonight at Light Industry in Sunset Park, filmmakers Bradley Eros and Brian Frye preset Fools!, a program of short films and videos on the occasion of the the first of April. From the Press Release:

Ubi umbras, ibi fatuis [Where there are shadows, there will be fools.]

April 1st: This is the day upon which we are reminded of what we are on the other three-hundred and sixty-four. -Mark Twain

Calling all ye fools! April fools, holy fools, royal fools, crazy fools, fools tragic, innocent & lovelorn. Ye jokers, pranksters, and just plain idiots. On a day honoring the Scottish custom known as ³hunting the gowk," (i.e. the cuckoo) & other festivities of absurdity dating back to antiquity, the "original" Robert(a) Beck Memorial (Mercurial) Cinema - Brian Frye & Bradley Eros ­ present, not an exaltation of larks, nor a murder of crows, but a ship of fools, daffy & loony, dim & running amok! Featuring FILMS ­ new, tarnished & disinterred, all brought to light for the occasion ­ by Elle Burchill, Jeanne Liotta, Marie Losier, Deadly Doris (Die Tödliche Doris), the Brothers Mekas & Kuchar, Tony Ganz & Rhody Streeter & Aphex Twin. PLUS, silent comics & moronic soundies, early porn & looney tunes.