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Carol Bove at the Whitney, May '68 everywhere else

Carol Bove
Carol Bove, the coffee table, downstairs front parlour. Carol Bove studio, Red Hook, Brooklyn. April 26, 2005. Via Art Lovers New York.

Open Studios: Carol Bove
2pm Friday 18 April 2008
Whitney Museum of American Art - 945 Madison Ave New York, NY
$museum admission (15)

This Friday the Whitney invites Carol Bove to speak as part of Open Studios, a series of afternoon artist's talks. Bove's work has for years been immersed on the forms and narratives of 60s American cultural life, both high brow and low. The resulting a body of work perhaps will come under increased scrutiny in the light of this year's intensive historical and popular interest, commemoration, and narratization (not to mention last year's liquidation, the designs of which were fiercely advocated by at least one purported neo-Gaullist) of the mostly Eurocentric legacy of May '68, the fortieth anniversary of which is marked this year. Whether described as a strategic, socialist union of an intellectual minority and popular worker and student movements, or a cynically libertarian (and libidinal) "merry month" -- the legacy of '68 will be hotly contested for many years to come. Bove's work may in fact offer some very contemporary sensibilities in the realm of sculpture and image making to the trace materials and historical documents of this important 20th century moment.