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Alice Konitz at the Whitney

Alice Könitz, "Table for a Family of Three Smokers"
Alice Könitz, Table for a Family of Three Smokers

Seminars with Artists: Alice Könitz
7pm Thursday 1 May 2008
Whitney Museum of American Art - 945 Madison Ave New York, NY

Alice Könitz's cross-media work often salvages the detritus of 20th century Euroamerican forms and turns them into both content and strategy. The artist is well known for her work with collage, video, and sculpture, the last of which has for the past few years taken the form as working or prototype furniture or architectural models often vacillating between utopian high-modernism and a kind of more postmodern irreverence for her such formal interests. For the Whitney Biennial, Könitz has taken steps into another very late 20th century institutional relational form: the artist offers Whitney patrons a chance to purchase a raffle ticket and potentially win a flight to Los Angeles for a three day stay near an unfinished strip of highway the artist describes as a personal source of inspiration. Tomorrow night at the Whitney, Könitz will present a talk as part of the museum's Seminars with Artists program.