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TV Party and Unmasked at the New Museum

PaulChan "Untitled Video on Lynne Stewart and her Conviction, the Law and Poetry," 2006
PaulChan, Untitled Video on Lynne Stewart and her conviction, the Law and Poetry, 2006, still from digital video, 17:30. Via the artist's website.

Glenn O'Brien's TV Party
7:30pm Friday 22 February 2008
New Museum - 235 Bowery, New York NY

Unmasked: A Marathon of Artists' Videos and Films Contesting Systems of Rule
Saturday and Sunday, 23-24 February 2008
Various times
New Museum - 235 Bowery, New York NY
$museum admission (12)

Tomorrow night at the New Museum, non-commercial, art television variety show host Glenn O'Brien will present various selected clips form his well known New York public access show TV PARTY, active from 1978 through 1982. The show hosted many bands and musicians of note who would visit to perform or to be interviewed, not the least of which was David Byrne and Debbie Harry.

On Saturday and Sunday also at the New Museum, artist Carlos Motta and Museum as Hub Fellow Elise Youn present Unmasked, a screening of political film and video "contesting systems of rule." The screening includes works by artist Oliver Ressler, filmmaker Jim Finn, and many others. The program also includes Charged in the Name of Terror, a selection of short documentaries curated by Paul Chan that has appeared at Sundance Film Festival and other national venues. Charged... includes Chan's contemplative video portrait of Lynne Stewart, the longtime criminal defense attorney and activist who was charged with materially aiding terrorism by then Attorney General John Ashcroft in a precedent-setting case for her work represting suspected terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahma. Chan's program also includes filmmakers Mary Billyou and Annelisse Fifi's documentary of Mohamed Yousry, a naturalized US citizen, interpreter and translator whose life dramatically changed following his involvement in the trial of Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahma and the consequent prosecution of the translator for his involvement.