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Janine Antoni at the School of Visual Arts

Janine Antoni, "Lick and Lather", 1993-4
Janine Antoni, Lick and Lather, 1993-1994. Via Luhring Augustine Gallery.

Janine Antoni at SVA
6:30pm Tuesday 19 February 2008
Schoo of Visual Arts - 133/141 West 21 Street, room 101C

The School of Visual Arts will host a free public lecture tomorrow by artist Janine Antoni. Antoni is well known for a body of sculptural work the oftentimes bring the artist's corporeality to bear upon material, into processes that culminates in such work as Lick and Lather. The 1994 work features rows of life-sized busts of the artist, half sculpted in chocolate and the other half in white soap, that the artist has worn down over time by performances involving licking the former and bathing with the latter.