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Boris Groys talks at apexart

Exhibition talk with Boris Groys
Thinking in Loop: Three videos on iconoclasm, ritual and immortality
7pm Friday 29 February 2008
apexart - 291 Church St New York, NY

Theorist Boris Groys will present a talk this Friday at apexart in conjunction with his exhibition there of three videos completed in the past 5 years. Groys has for some years now been producing video essays as a component of his critical practice, employing the digital medium's lossless reproductive capacities to create visual narratives parallel with each video's performed text, producing bodies and images in motion ad infinitum. In this way Groys uses what he has suggested may be one of the most popular discursive forms of the new century to at once distribute and complicate his short texts, often engaging content for which the formal capacities of the medium are particularly suited. The same capacities the draw religious fundamentalists on the periphery of a globalizing world away from the written word and towards the mediated video image also draw Groys: the medium's potential for perfect reproduction and repetition.