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Amy Granat and Emily Sundblad at White Columns

Amy Granat and Emily Sundblad, still from unidentified 16mm film in color
Amy Granat and Emily Sundblad, still from unidentified 16mm film in color. Via White Columns.

Amy Granat and Emily Sundblad: 16mm films
8pm Saturday 16 February 2008
White Columns - 320 West 13th Street New York, NY

Amy Granat and Emily Sundblad have been collaboratively producing 16mm films for the past year and a half. This Saturday the two artists will screen several of these works at White Columns in Chelsea. Granat is known for her materialist approach to cinema, making modernist abstract films often by sabotaging her own shoots, over- or under-exposing the film, and directly manipulating the celluloid by hand. Sundblad, cofounder of artist's project and gallery Reena Spaulings Fine Art, has produced work across media as well as helped realize various immaterial and collective projects, not the least of which is the Reena Spaulings space and brand identity that has been used as a support structure for all varieties of interesting undertakings conducted by a constantly shifting cast of affiliates and collaborates since the project's 2004 inception. The films of the two often feature both women performing simple, repetitive actions in outdoor settings, exchanging the wind-up 16mm camera to take turns shooting. An exhibition of Sundblad and Granat's work is also currently on display in the Project space at White Columns through 16 February.