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Jacob Burckhardt at the Millenium

Jacob Burckhardt and Royston Scott, "Tomorrow Always Comes", 2006
Jacob Burckhardt and Royston Scott, "Tomorrow Always Comes", 2006, still from 16mm film in black and white transferred to video, 50 minutes.

Jacob Burckhardt at the Millenium Film Workshop
Jacob Burckhardt, Royston Scott, Jim Neu
Millenium Film Workshop – 66 E. 4 St, New York NY
8pm Saturday 2 February 2008

This Saturday at the Millenium Film Workshop, New York experimental filmmaker Jacob Burckhardt presents three short collaborative works. The recent Tomorrow Always Comes (2006) and The Professor and His Improper Potion (2006), are a "film noir sex romp comedy thriller" and a silent tribute to cinema pioneer Georges Méliès adorned with various 16mm in-camera special effects, respectively. Both film were made collaboratively with film and theatre artist Royston Scott. Burckhardt will also present Duet for Spies, a 1993 film adaptation of New York dramaturge Jim Neu's play of the same title, featuring a camp narrative in which two spies are debriefed by their superiors and "can only guess at the missions, priorities and agendas behind the double-speak and double-think of their encounters."