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TallBlondLadies at Artists Space

TallBlondLadies, Ascendant Landing, 2006, performance
documentation by Iris Selke.
Courtesy of Artists Space.

When Time Becomes Form
Solidly Grounded: Three works by TallBlondLadies
Artists Space - 38 Greene St, 3 Fl., New York NY
Tuesday 18 December – Saturday 22 December
Adjusted gallery hours: Tuesday-Friday 5pm-10pm, Saturday 12pm-5pm

Tomorrow marks the third installment of 12 week-long performances happening at Artists Space and curated by Marina Abramovic. The series, When Time Becomes Form, continues this week with three works by TallBlondLadies (Anna Berndtson and Irina Runge), performed over five days for five hours per day. TallBlondLaides explore notions of female identity and offhandedly opposed qualities in a gendered context (athleticism and beauty, for instance). TLB do this by creating compositions incorporating both movement, attire, and the banal props of everyday life. That the works are durational pieces, lasting the length of AP's adjusted gallery hours, attribute both a tension and a banality the work as bodies in strategic, sign-generating motion habituate even to the ascetic gallery space.

When Time Becomes Form will continue and develop at Artist Space over the next two and a half year. Participating artists will be members of Abramovic's Independent Performance Group, a loose collective of 42 artists from 22 different countries.

Please note the adjusted hours of the gallery.