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The New Museum on the Bowery

Simply reading about it on the Internet doesn't exactly communicate the feeling one gets when walking past the site of the new New Museum, located on the corner of Bowery and Prince and conveniently on my way as I traveled downtown to see the new Aïda Ruiolva video at Salon 94 Freemans. The museum is at this point swarming with activity as it prepares for debut exhibit Unmonumental, a curious show of mostly senior and mid-career artists delineated by a narrow set of media distinctions. Perhaps the feeling related shouldn't be so spectacular when taken in context to the largely complete process of gentrification on the Lower East Side, but something still feels particularly unique when seeing the vanguard institution and the much lauded architectural work of Sejima and Nishizawa tower over the neighboring buildings, or the smartly dressed art admins photographing the building from outside as a small throng of older Bowery bums linger just 100 or so feet off. The newly commissioned artwork by Ugo Rondinone set to adorn the front of the museum for the opening will surely add to the spectacle, as described on Curbed.