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The Guy Debord Show Online and at New General Catalog

Eh Team "Masterpiece Television" production still
Eh Team, production still from Masterpiece Television series

5 November - 30 November, 2007
11:30pm weeknights
Live webcast and contemporaneous gallery exhibition

Today marks the start of the Guy Debord Show — a month long collective webcast and parallel gallery exhibition organized by artist Trong G. Nguyen in honor of the titular referent. Judging from the press release and the short summary of historic context, at least one of the dispersed exhibition's goals seems to be the reintroduction of the radical theorist's work via the very non-material in which he was so interested.

The first webcast, Berlin House Climbing Club by artists Tómas Lemarquis and Chris Filippini, happens tonight at 11:30. It's documentation of a collective, absurdist art-party that poses a "performance" challenge to participants, the press image of which shows a performer scaling the inside of an apartment in a blue sweater and Beuys-like felt hat. Tomorrow's broadcast will feature Death of the Artist from Eh-team's Masterpiece Television, one in a series of video spots designed to introduce contemporary critical, aesthetic, and theoretical hot topics to children through the use of narrative puppet theatre. The programming appears to be quite uneven, mixing a number of interesting art projects with only vaguely related events and musical performances, the complete schedule of which is available on NGC's website.