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Warhol's World at the Museum of the Moving Image

Freddie Herko (in cowboy hat), Billy Name,  John Daley and James Waring in Warhol's "Haircut #1"
Freddie Herko (in cowboy hat), Billy Name, John Daley and James
Waring in Andy Warhol's "Haircut #1," 1963,
still from b&w film in 16mm, 24:00
Warhol's World
Museum of the Moving Image
35 Avenue at 36 Street Astoria, NY
20 October - 11 Novemeber 2007

Starting this weekend and continuing every Saturday and Sunday through 11 November, the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens presents an extensive selection of works on film by Andy Warhol, and a few filmmakers since making works with or about ex-Factory stars.

Many of Warhol's shorter minimalist films playing this weekend deliver exactly what their titles promise — Haircut #1 (2pm, 20 October) tests our patience as one man cuts another's hair, only to be interrupted near the end of the film by two other scantily-clad men drawing our attention away with a series of provocations; Kiss (2pm 20 October) has 54 minutes worth of close-up kissing couples, both same- and opposite sex; in Eat (7pm 21 October) we see a slightly-starved Robert Indiana affectedly eat a mushroom; Couch (4pm Saturday) is one of Warhol's more sexually provocative works staring celebrated American writers Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac; Blowjob (6:30pm 20 October) is remarkably less provocative; Screen Tests: Reel 16 (2pm 21 October) includes portraits of writer and critic Susan Sontag, musician Lou Reed, and American avant-garde filmmaker Jack Smith, the last of which was once described by Warhol as "the only person I would ever copy."

This Sunday at 5pm, the Museum also hosts The Warhol Gaze, a discussion between Warhol Film Project curator Callie Angell and the critic Amy Taubin.