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The Role of the Critic at CUE and Tony Conrad at Greene Naftali

In the Public Eye: The Role of Today's Critic
James Wagner, Barry Hoggard, and Brian Sholis in conversation
6:30pm, 30 October 2007
CUE Art Foundation - 511 W. 25th St, New York NY
$5 for non-CUE members

Window Enactment
A new performance by Tony Conrad
7pm, 30 October 2007
Greene Naftali Gallery - 508 W. 26th St, 8th floor, New York NY 2007

Tomorrow night at the CUE art foundation in Chelsea bloggers James Wagner, Barry Hoggard, and editor Brian Sholis meet to discuss the shifting role of the critic in the evolving terrain of contemporary art and its supporting industries. Noting the web background of the three participants and each of their own critical practices, it's likely that the talk will gravitate towards the particular possibilities and limitations of hypertext criticism and texts written for and distributed via the net.

Tomorrow night is also another recommended Performa 07 event featuring a live new work by musician and vanguard minimalist filmmaker Tony Conrad. The performance takes place at 7pm at Greene Naftali's gallery space. Because the press release is fairly spare on details, we might look to the artist's previous live works to formulate any reasonable expectations for the latest.

Correction: The CUE listing above previously said 7pm, but it starts at 6:30pm.