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Christian Marclay at Anthology Film Archives tonight

Christian Marclay "Up and Out"
Up and Out by Christian Marclay
8pm Friday 26 October 2007 Anthology Film Archives
32 Second Avenue, New York NY

Artist and composer Christian Marclay presents his feature length video Up and Out tonight at the Anthology Film Archives. The 1998 work juxtaposes 107 minutes of commercial film image and sound divorced from their original contexts; the former taken from Michelangelo Antonioni's 1966 Blow-Up, the latter from Brian De Palma's 1981 Blow-Out. Marclay's piece mixes cultural forms on a macro level, using entire commercial films as raw material. The tremendous production values of each film used is further obscured (and abstrusely emphasized, in a way) in the work, which transforms both the Antonioni and the De Palma into monolithic signs which Marclay positions in relation to one another so to create the possibility for new meanings. Marclay's piece is a single blunt gesture and not unlike the works of younger contemporaries like Douglas Gordon (24 Hour Psycho) and the socially activated work of photographer Walead Beshty (24 Hour Armageddon Movie Marathon).

Critic Amy Taubin will be at Anthology tonight for a public discussion with Marclay following the screening.